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Design programme – SCHAKOLuft version 2024.03.02.1

Installation SCHAKOLuft design programme

Welcome to the installation of the SCHAKOLuft design programme (version 2024.03.02.1) from SCHAKO KG

In the following, the technical requirements of your computer are listed.

The SCHAKO design programme is an important tool for quick and precise design and selection of components during the planning phase of your projects. Here SCHAKO provides the most current version. This version allows simple design of particle filter diffusers and fan coil units. Combined designs, for example of volumetric flow controllers with silencers connected downstream or fan coil units with inflow and outflow boxes, are also possible.

This design program includes, among other things:

  • the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Flemish/Dutch, Hungarian, Italian and Polish.
  • Air diffusers (ceiling swirl diffusers, ceiling impulse diffusers, floor diffusers, step diffusers, slot diffusers, displacement diffusers, ceiling diffusers, nozzle diffusers, disc valves and long throw nozzles)
  • Air/water systems (floor convectors, induction outlets, fan coil units and passive fan coil units)
  • Sound insulation (mineral wool silencers and silencing baffles, duct silencers, membrane absorbers and telephony silencers)
  • Fire prevention (fire dampers and fire protection disc valves)
  • Control units (volumetric flow controllers, mixing boxes, pressure-reducing boxes and sound-damped volumetric flow controllers)
  • Ventilation grilles (ventilation grilles, filter grilles and long-throw grilles)
  • Shut-off devices (weather protection grilles, excess pressure dampers, louvre flaps)
  • Filter diffusers (filter grilles, particle filter units and grease trap grilles)
  • Cooling load calculators

Previous versions

This version is an update, i.e., re-installation will not be required. The projects added since version 2007 will automatically be imported to this version.


Can be installed on any computer with Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows 11. The following recommendations must be observed:

The programme is suitable for all monitors with a resolution from 800×600, although the programme has been optimised for a resolution of 1024×780.
It is recommended using a computer of at least 1 GB RAM, since the programme contains a few complex calculations.
An internet connection is recommended but not required to run the programme, however, it is required to access current documents. For connectivity and security reasons, your Windows operating system must be properly updated.


The updated versions of Microsoft Net Framework 4.6.2 should have been installed on your computer. If this is not the case or if you are not sure whether your computer has these programmes, you can install them via this link.

Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.2

dotNET Framework 4.6.2


Windows 64 Bit

SCHAKO Design programme download

Ver: 2024.03.02.1,
German, English, French, Spanish, Flemish/Dutch, Hungarian, Italian and Polish,
52 MB