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The entire range of SCHAKO developments and products aims to produce healthy, clean air for all the different worlds of work. Our HVAC components and system solutions help people who work indoors to remain relaxed, alert and capable of doing good work. Our knowledge and expertise from 90 years of work into good air have made SCHAKO a specialist in customised solutions for ventilation, air conditioning, soundproofing, control, fire safety and smoke extraction challenges in industrial or public buildings.

+++ COVID-19 UPDATE +++

Dear customers,
Dear business partners,

On Saturday, 28 March 2020, the Spanish Government has ordered to close all companies “that are not vital”. This measure currently applies to the period from 30 March to 09 April, both dates inclusive. This measure also affects our production plant in Saragossa.

This is why during this period some dates may be delayed. We hope you understand.

Kind regards & stay healthy


ppa. Dr. Rainer Müller
member of the executive board

+++ Reachability +++

Reachability service department, field service and in-house employees

Our field service and in-house employees continue to be at your service. You can reach your usual contact persons by phone or by e-mail. Moderne video conference facilities are also available, in order to include also engineers or product managers in the consultations.

Our service department staff also still perform urgent work on site after consultation with the appropriate installers. To this end, please contact our service department at

+++ We remain at your service +++

Dear customers,
Dear business partners,

The health of our employees and business partners is our top priority. At the same time we are committed to maintaining our business operations. We have already implemented a substantial package of measures and will continue to take further necessary measures in the future to both protect the health of our employees and maintain our ability to supply.

SCHAKO staff work in two staggered shifts, which somewhat reduces the available working time. We therefore apologize for slightly longer response or reaction times. Thanks to our high level of vertical integration and the existing stocks of raw materials and semi-finished parts, the production of the entire product portfolio is currently secured.

We are in regular contact with our suppliers in order to analyze the almost daily changing conditions in terms of supply availability. However, despite all the measures introduced, there is a risk of our supply chains being affected in the future as well. To ensure your supply, we recommend that you keep a stock of your SCHAKO standard products.

You can find our current delivery times here …

If you experience bottlenecks in the acceptance of materials, please inform us in good time to clarify further proceedings, since our storage facilities in the shipping area are limited.

  • Stay calm.

  • Use the freely accessible platforms to stay informed. Find answers at Germany’s Robert Koch-Institute.

  • Protect yourself and others from infection by always keeping the recommended distance.


Breathe the difference!

If you have specific room situations and particular HVAC needs, SCHAKO is exactly the right place for you to come.

We are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of HVAC components and systems. Whether for fire protection & smoke extraction, air/water systems, feedback-control devices, acoustic insulation systems, open-loop control systems or air outlets – our products create healthy, clean and safe air in working premises. Also, in challenging environments such as large catering kitchens, laboratories, the process industry, underground garages or tunnels, the vast array of our standard and specialist HVAC components really comes into its own.

You see, our strength lies in finding customised, smart solutions for all our customers’ situations and challenges. Drawing on the in-depth knowledge available across the SCHAKO Group of companies of the behaviour and distribution, closed-loop control and cleaning of air, SCHAKO produces efficient products, systems and solutions that help to sustainably improve the room climate, and to enhance safety with its smoke extraction systems.

SCHAKO introduces a new BIM CAD-Browser V1.10.

For our planners!

To be able to offer you the SCHAKO products in a BIM-compliant format, SCHAKOnnect has been originated as a logical extension of the proven SCHAKO design program which has been used in the past for the quick and precise design of SCHAKO products and which, consequently, will continue to be used for the selection of components in the planning phase of your projects.

The SCHAKOnnect CAD browser V 1.10 also offers the following advantages and completes the SCHAKO design program in many respects.

SCHAKO has received an important industry award.

Its products and service are first-class.

SCHAKO has received an important industry award twice – once for its powerful fan coil units and once for its particularly reliable filter technology.

SCHAKO KG from Kolbingen has received the so-called LüKK trust award for its good fan coil units, good service, conceptual planning support and excellent after-sales service. The variable and energy-saving SCHAKO fan coil units are preferably used in office buildings, hotels or care facilities.

The SCHAKO subsidiary REVEN from Sersheim near Ludwigsburg has received the CCI trust award for its patented X-Cyclone® exhaust air filter, which is capable of cleaning oil- or grease-containing exhaust air by up to 99.99 percent without filter mat. Examples of where REVEN X-Cyclone® exhaust air filters are used include large catering kitchens, the turned parts industry and the mechanical engineering industry.

Platz1 bei Ventilatorkonvektoren. Vertrauenspreis der LüKK 2017 (Lüftungs-, Klima- und Kältebranche).
Platz1 bei Küchenlüftung. Vertrauenspreis der LüKK 2017 (Lüftungs-, Klima- und Kältebranche).