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Photo Contest 2020 & 2021 SCHAKO internally

For employees of the SCHAKO Group with photos of SCHAKO products.


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Here again all the winners from the SCHAKO Photo Contest 2020_21:

1st place – Victor Gaudo (ES) – IAACC Pablo Serrano – Zaragoza | WDA

2nd place – Laurent Sadrin (FR) – CENTRE THALASSO – SAINT JEAN DE LUZ | WDA
3rd place – Tamas Gati (HU) – Privates Wohnhaus, Budapest | DSCPL
4th place – Anna Hipp (GER) – Appartements und Bistro „Im Hof“, Albstadt| DBBRR
5th place – Roland Schröter (GER) – Hotel Villa del Conde, Meloneras | WGA

6th place – Uwe Diez (GER) – Wohnstift am Tiergarten, Nürnberg| WDA
7th place – Ben Cave (UK) – Harrods Hair and Beauty, London | DSCP
8th place – Jose Manuel Riveiro (ES) – Mundo Mega Estrella Galicia, A Coruña | WGA
9th place – Anja Rack (GER) – Hotel Best Western, Wiesbaden | DQJ-Q-SR
10th place – Markus Krickl (GER) – House of Logistis and Mobility, Frankfurt | WDA

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Here again all the winners from the SCHAKO Photo Contest 2019_20:

1st place – Javier Berrocal (ES) – Beatriz Building – Vyosa | DISA

2nd place – Adolfo Aguado (ES) – Tabkalera – Lab -Basque Culinary Center | IKA
3rd place – Marius Butz (GER) – Thyssenkrupp Aufzugtestturm Rottweil | WDA
4th place – Harald Hipp (GER) – HNO Universitätsklinikum Tübingen| DQJ-R-SR
5th place – Sebastian Zwengauer (GER) – Rädlinger Hauptverwaltung | WGARR

6th place – Luis Guiral (GER) – Synlab Gallion| DISA-601
7th place – Anna Hipp (GER) – Park Hyatt Canyamel | PA
8th place – Carina Grathwohl (GER) – Hans im Glück Burger-Restaurant Stuttgart | DQJ
9th place – Paul Schäfer (GER) – Raststätte Greding OST 9 | PIL
Place 10 – Steffen Schad (GER) – Talstation Pardatschgratbahn Ischgl | DQJ

Dear Employees,

Start – A new round of the SCHAKO photo competition begins 01.09.2020, punctually at the end of the
online countdown on

Winnings – once again, this competition will be rewarded with some interesting prizes. This year, exclusively credit vouchers from Amazon.

1st place – €1000 Amazon voucher
2nd to 5th place – Amazon voucher worth €500
6th to 10th place – Amazon voucher worth €150

Participation conditions – and everything else you ought to know can be found on the web platform for the photo competition as well as in the footer below the heading for PARTICIPATION CONDITIONS.

Your task – we need three photos: we reveal this in advance. Then of course we are still looking for the three compulsory views with an external view, internal view and a detailed view.

Amazon Gutschein 1.000 Euro Bild

Download the info flyer


Always take three photographs per object:

• an exterior photo – the best side
• an interior photo – in the best light
• a detail view of the SCHAKO product

Take photographs with maximum resolution. Recommendation: The photographs should be taken with at least an 8-megapixel camera. Always photograph in full-frame format and use landscape format. You can rework the photographs on the computer. But the photo must look realistic. Internet copies will be disqualified.


Take part at The submission deadline is 31.08.2020. Use your e-mail address to log in: [firstname.surname@schako.xx]. Alternatively: Facebook login.

After uploading your photos you must still fill in the details describing your subject matter on the online form:

• The designation of the property – BEATRIZ BUILDING – VYOSA
• The type of building – School
• The type of room – Laboratory
• The SCHAKO product photographed – COMBIDQJ
• The country in which you took the photo – Spain
• the postal code of the city – 41704
• The city – Dos Hermanas
• The street – Av. de las Universidades
• Confirmation of the conditions of participation
• Confirmation of the data protection regulations

To participate, fill in all mandatory entry fields*.