Fire damper mini-controller, bus systems, smoke detectors Product quality and the related control unit constitute the central decision-making criterion when it comes to fire protection and smoke extraction. SCHAKO also covers your needs in terms of customised system solutions. To set up areas that are partitioned in terms of fire protection for a wide range of fire outbreak scenarios, it is recommended that fire dampers can be triggered selectively, to ensure that defined areas of the ventilation system are immediately switched off automatically. This will be done effectively by special remote triggering devices in connection with suitable smoke detectors and smoke detection systems. Modern signalling and switching bus system are used for activating and monitoring electrical and mechanical fire dampers and smoke dampers, smoke detectors and volumetric flow controllers or air dampers. For very compact fire protection systems, the use of a fire damper mini-controller is a good option.

Fire damper mini-controller

Bus systems

Smoke detectors