Fire protection & smoke extraction

Fire protection units, fire dampers, smoke dampers, lift shaft smoke extraction and ventilation systems, natural smoke and heat extraction units, disc valves Fire dampers, smoke dampers and other ventilation and smoke extraction systems and units save lives in case of fire and protect material assets. "Building installations must be erected, modified and maintained in a way to prevent the formation of fire and the propagation of fire and smoke (propagation of fire) and to allow, in the event of a fire, human beings and animals to be rescued and effective extinguishing work to be carried out." (Section 14 MBO – Fire protection). This is why SCHAKO's fire protection products and systems are perfectly tuned to one another and can be linked to one another by means of a network. Due to the implemented fire protection tests and their classification in compliance with EN 13501-3, they can function optimally in the event of a fault to achieve the protection objective.

Fire protection units

Fire dampers

Fire damper disc valves

Smoke dampers

Smoke extraction and ventilation systems for elevator shafts

Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators

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