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SCHAKO corporate history


95 years of SCHAKO.

The companies of the SCHAKO Group, including NOVENCO Building & Industry, SCHNEIDER Elektronik and SCHAKO, will present the latest developments in the fields of ventilation, air conditioning, smoke extraction and control at ISH 2023 Live. Since the ISH trade fair planned for 2021 could only be held purely digitally due to COVID 19 pandemic, it is gratifying that a face-to-face event could now be held again in 2023.

SCHAKO Schlitzdurchlass für Gipskartondecken DSCL

FeuerTrutz in Nuremberg could also take place as an attended event in 2023. In June, SCHAKO exhibited innovative new products at FeuerTrutz in Nuremberg together with NOVENCO Building & Industry.

SCHAKO Schlitzdurchlass für Gipskartondecken DSCL


 The new slot diffuser for plasterboard ceilings DSCL. The newly developed SCHAKO type DSCL ceiling slot diffuser is suitable for direct installation in plasterboard ceilings or ceiling bulkheads. Almost invisible integration into the ceiling system is possible thanks to the specially shaped frame profile.

SCHAKO Schlitzdurchlass für Gipskartondecken DSCL

COVID pandemic overcome without short-time work. SCHAKO has overcome the pandemic without having to announce short-time working. Thanks to a wide range of measures, it was possible to get through the coronavirus phase, which was very strenuous and exhausting for everyone, without having to introduce short-time work for our employees.


 The new products design ceiling diffuser CDD, air diffuser for large air volumes IGA, slot diffuser DSCXLS and the air diffuser for open ceiling systems LOD extend the wide range of air diffusers from SCHAKO. The new NK multileaf damper has also been added to the product portfolio of dampers.

SCHAKO Luftdurchlass für große Luftmengen IGA

 SCHAKO takes over the two Dutch companies SMITSAIR B.V. and SMITSAIR JETsystemen B.V. Both SMITSAIR companies are leading market participants in their product areas and specialise in the development and manufacture of passive, visible ventilation components, ventilation ducts and special sheets for diverse ventilation and distribution systems. SMITSAIR’s share of customised individual solutions is disproportionately high in the industry.

SMITSAIR Logo - Mitglied der SCHAKO Group


SCHAKO acquires ADMECO AG in Switzerland. The ADMECO AG based in Hochdorf becomes a new member of the SCHAKO Group at the turn of the year 2020. SCHAKO is growing and this acquisition brings further expertise in the cleanroom technology to the group. The Swiss company ADMECO AG is one of the leading manufacturers of pioneering systems and products for modern operating theatres, anaesthetic recovery rooms and intensive care wards.

ADMECO Logo - Mitglied der SCHAKO Group

New roof-mounted 750 kW photovoltaic system at SCHAKO in Messkirch. With a new photovoltaic system, SCHAKO has produced since March 2020 up to 90 % of the daily electricity demand in the Messkirch plant on its own – conservatively calculated, and it could be more. From the ecological point of view, the new PV system is a great success, since the PV system saves several ten thousands of CO2 and protects the environment. Service life of the system: 30 years – according to the promises of the project developer.

SCHAKO PV-Anlage in Messkirch

For the second time, SCHAKO has received an important industry award. SCHAKO products and SCHAKO service are first class – this was confirmed three times in spring 2020 when the coveted trust prize LüKK was awarded by the manufacturer-independent magazine cci Dialog from Karlsruhe. SCHAKO received the award for its powerful fan coil units, for its fire protection technology and for its particularly reliable air diffusers.

Vertrauenspreis der LueKK 2020 - Ventilatorkonvektoren - 1. Platz
Vertrauenspreis der LueKK 2020 - Luftdurchlaesse - 3. Platz
Vertrauenspreis der LueKK 2020 - Brandschutztechnische Komponenten und Systeme - 3. Platz


SCHAKO is a kununu TOP COMPANY. At the beginning of May, the kununu TOP COMPANY quality label was awarded to SCHAKO Ferdinand Schad KG, a label the company is very proud of. Companies with a high employee satisfaction can be awarded with a quality label by the leading evaluation platform for employees The TOP COMPANY status can exclusively be obtained by favorable reviews of the employees, an overall rating of at least 3 points and at least 6 reviews are necessary.

Kununu Top Company und Open Company Siegel für SCHAKO

SCHAKO Group at the ISH 2019 in Frankfurt. A larger stand, more service and more and more intensive consulting: this was the trade fair concept on the new stand of the SCHAKO Group at the ISH 2019 that has been installed for the first time in hall 8 due to conversion work for SCHAKO. The concept was a great success. Twice as many visitors as the years before, fruitful talks and interesting common concept solutions were the proof for the customers at the SCHAKO stand on the one hand and for the SCHAKO employees on the other that a visit at the ISH in Frankfurt is always paying off.

SCHAKO Group auf der ISH 2019

The new SCHAKO ceiling air diffuser CPL. The newly developed ceiling air diffuser CPL for installation in ceiling panels on site allows a draught-free air supply and an invisible integration in the ceiling system. The appearance of the reflected ceiling plan is not interrupted by air diffusers.



The new room air-conditioning module SCHAKO CTT. The product range of air-water products and air-water systems is consequently expanded and the highly compact room air-conditioning module CTT is developed. Due to its small mounting depth of 100 mm, this room air-conditioning module is ideal for the installation in so-called think tanks and room-in-room systems.

SCHAKO Raumklimamodul CTT


Strategic partnership between SCHAKO and liNear. SCHAKO goes BIM with SCHAKOnnect: so SCHAKO and LiNear document their strategic partnership for the ISH 2017 with an innovative software application: the new online design platform SCHAKOnnect. Not only the liNear users benefit from the new partnership but all those who wanted to use the SCHAKO components for the (BIM-compliant) planning of air ventilation systems. The BIM data records generated for the liNear program of SCHAKO can therefore also be used for the integral planning in the building service engineering.

liNear Premiumpartner SCHAKO

The new combined ceiling slot diffuser for supply and return air SCHAKO COMBDSC The combination ceiling slot diffuser for supply and return air COMBIDSC offers freedom of planning with regard to the ceiling design since the stable supply air jet can be set individually and a short-circuit of supply and return air is consequently avoided.

SCHAKO Kombinationsdeckenschlitzdurchlass COMBIDSC

The first joint trade fair appearance of the SCHAKO group at the ISH 2017. At the ISH in Frankfurt, all the companies of the SCHAKO group presented themselves with a joint trade fair appearance on a common stand in hall 11.1: the companies NOVENCO Building & Industry, REVEN, SCHAKO, SCHNEIDER Elektronik and SIROCCO.

NOVENCO Building & Industrie Logo - Mitglied der SCHAKO Group
REVEN Logo - Mitglied der SCHAKO Group
SCHAKO Logo - Mitglied der SCHAKO Group
SCHNEIDER Logo - Mitglied der SCHAKO Group
SIROCCO Logo - Mitglied der SCHAKO Group

The SCHAKO group receives an important industry award. The companies of the SCHAKO group received the coveted LüKK trust award of the cci Dialog magazine from Karlsruhe not only once but twice: one for the patented REVEN exhaust air filter X-Cyclone® and the other for the powerful SCHAKO fan coil units.

Vertrauenspreis der LueKK 2017 - Ventilatorkonvektoren - 1. Platz
Vertrauenspreis der LueKK 2017 - Kuechenlueftung- 1. Platz


SCHAKO acquires the Rentschler REVEN Lüftungssysteme GmbH based in Sersheim near Ludwigsburg.. Thanks to the separator technology X-CYCLONE®, REVEN is a renowned technology leader in the field of air cleaning technology for the filterless separation of oils, emulsions, water vapour, process exhaust gases and fine dusts.

REVEN X-Cyclon Logo


NOVENCO Building & Industry with almost 200 employees and based in Naestved (Denmark) becomes part of the SCHAKO group. NOVENCO Building & Industry is a well-known manufacturer of fans and provider of system solutions in the field of ventilation and smoke extraction of buildings and tunnels. The patented fan ZerAx® is regarded as the most energy-efficient fan on the global market.

NOVENCO Building & Industry Logo

SCHAKO Polska Sp. z.o.o. in Piaseczno is founded for the distribution of SCHAKO products in Poland.


 SCHAKO takes over the company SIROCCO Luft- und Umwelttechnik with its two locations in Vienna (Austria) and Zabrze (Poland). SIROCCO was founded over 100 years ago and is a renowned specialist in the field of industrial fans, tunnel equipment, heat exchangers and filter technology.

The sales subsidiary SCHAKO Italia S.r.l. is founded in Milan for the distribution of the SCHAKO products in Italy.

SIROCCO Luft- und Umwelttechnik Logo


Additional application options can be realised with the DISA-360 and the DISA-B for SCHAKO induction diffusers.

The elevator shaft ventilation and smoke extraction system GREENKIT is a system for the automated ventilation and smoke extraction of elevator shafts with simultaneous maximum energy savings.

SCHAKO Liftschachtentlüftungs- und -entrauchungssystem GREENKIT


SCHAKO KG acquires shares in Schneider Elektronik GmbH, the market leader for ventilation technology in laboratories.


The new development of the DAV-F now provides an induction- and turbulence-low displacement diffuser for particle filter boxes.

SCHAKO Verdraengungsauslass für Schwebstofffilterkasten DAV-F