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SIROCCO – The experts for air and heat engineering in the process industry as well as ventilation and smoke extraction in tunnel construction – a company of the SCHAKO Group

The experts for tunnel equipment, which already meets modern requirements such as 400 °C temperature resistance, mainly produce from stainless steel.

In addition to tunnel equipment such as fire venetian blinds, shut-off dampers, heat exchangers in finned, finned or plain tube design and filter technology for extraction, conveying, separation and dedusting systems are also produced for process air and industrial air technology in the paper, cement and metal processing industries. Service and maintenance are carried out exclusively by highly trained service technicians.

Typical areas of application are:

  • Tunnel (road, railway, metro)
  • Heat exchanger as cooler and also as preheater
  • Complete units e.g. for rail vehicles
  • Filter technology for extraction and dedusting systems with air volumes up to 150,000 m³/h and temperatures up to 250 °C, with fire and explosion protection devices, also suitable for high-pressure systems


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