Room climate module CTT

Fields of application

The SCHAKO CTT room climate module was developed specifically for decentralized air-conditioning of rooms with restricted space in conjunction with dry construction and with narrow, lightweight partition walls. Later in-front-of-the-wall installation is also possible, as is installation in cabinets, wall safes or on ceilings.
Since this design is very slimline, measuring just 100 mm in depth, the SCHAKO CTT room climate module is ideally suited to ThinkTank rooms, hotel rooms, practices or private residences etc.
Also, with its optional electrostatic precipitator, the SCHAKO CTT room climate module is also extremely well suited for rooms subject to demanding requirements in terms of air quality. Examples of that would be retirement homes and care institutions, or rooms suitable for people with allergies.
An aromatization unit is also available as a specialist accessory and it can be used with a range of different fragrance mixtures.
SCHAKO supplies its CTT room climate module as a plug-and-play appliance.
Its standardised dimensions guarantee ease of installation.


Room air is drawn in by van through the air inlet grille close to floor level, passing through the room air filter behind the grille which cleans the air reliably. Then the secondary air flows through a powerful heat exchanger where it is conditioned in an application-related manner.
A second downstream diverter silencer then reduces airflow noise reliably. The conditioned air then flows back into the room at the desired level of conditioning.