Long throw nozzle WDA

Fields of application

For supply air in large halls, theatres, concert halls, etc. Suitable for wall or ceiling installation. It can be used for cooling up to a Δt = -14 K and for heating up to a Δt = +25 K.


The conical design allows high outlet speeds with low noise levels. This results in deep penetration depths in both heating and cooling.
If the jet run length needs to be shortened, for example. in the case of ceiling installation and vertical throw pattern guidance, a swirl disc can be installed to fan out the air flow and increase induction, thus achieving a better reduction of the end velocity of jet and of the temperature difference. For wall installation, the nozzles can be moved manually or motor-driven by an angle of 20 – 30° by means of swivel heads.

Volumetric flow range

40 - 10000 m³/h