Fan coil unit AQUARIS SILENT

Fields of application

The fan coil unit of the AQUARIS SILENT family can be used for cooling and heating. They are particularly suitable in connection with heat pumps and low energy heating systems that work with low supply temperatures during heating or with high supply temperatures during cooling.
The small height of the AQUARIS SILENT allow the mounting in suspended ceilings or ceiling panelling. The mounting on or in walls or floors is possible without problem even in case of restricted space.
Due to these flexible installation possibilities, the AQUARIS SILENT fan coil units is also suitable for the renovation or the extension of existing systems. The optional device housing also allows the installation on a wall close to the ground. All devices can be combined with the well-known air diffusers from SCHAKO.


Fan coil units producing air-conditioned air using hot or cold water which is fed into a room are an important part of decentralised air-conditioning installations. They can perform various functions, depending on the season of the year, the characteristic values of the air flowing through the air-conditioner, and the components installed.
Every AQUARIS SILENT fan coil unit is an independent system with its own heat exchanger, filter, fan and control unit. There is no direct air exchange between the different rooms in a building by means of the air-conditioning system. Therefore, each room remains its individual comfort area.
This characteristic is particularly important for hotel, hospital and office rooms where the mixing of the air may be a problem.

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