Ceiling induction diffuser DISA-601

Fields of application

For installation in comfort rooms 2.6-4.0 metres in room height for energy-efficient ventilation and air-conditioning, in which high thermal loads are to be removed at low, hygienically required air volumes. The ceiling induction diffuser DISA-601 can be used as 2-pipe system for cooling or heating and optionally as 4-pipe system for cooling and heating. The DISA-601 can also be used for one-way throw.


The processed primary air supplied by the plenum box induces secondary air in the room, which is cooled or heated via the heat exchanger.
The primary air is mixed with the cooled secondary air. The mixture of primary and secondary air is supplied to the room at low velocity via 2 linear supply air slots.

Volumetric flow range

20 – 170 m³/h/m
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