Air diffuser for open ceiling systems LOD

Fields of application

The air diffuser for open ceiling systems LOD is suitable for use in supply and return air installations, for direct connection to the duct system and it is suitable for VAV systems with variable volume flows. The air diffuser is placed directly above an open ceiling system below the raw ceiling.


Both in cooling and heating mode, the air diffuser for open ceiling systems LOD generates a very high induction after blowing out the supply air, thus effectively reducing air velocity and temperature above the open ceiling system. The supply air flows out evenly over a large area and descends into the occupied area at a very low velocity. The field of application of the LOD in cooling mode is at Δt of ≤ -8 K. The supply and return air diffusers are supplied with air or connected directly to the duct system.

Volumetric flow range

Depending on the selected size and model, the volume flow range of the LOD is 35 dB(A) at approx. 670 m³/h in the supply air and in the return air, use in VAV systems of 100 - 40% possible.