Fire Damper Poppet Valve SVA-FS


Fields of application

For preventing the transmission of fire and smoke through ventilation ducts that go across fire lobbies.
The fire damper poppet valve type SVA-FS can be fitted in masonry walls to DIN 1053 with a thickness of > 115 mm or cement with a thickness of > 100 mm and in ceilings made of concrete with a thickness of > 100 mm. This applies accordingly also to shaft walls and walls from vertical ventilation ducts made of concrete and masonry to DIN 1053 that have the above dimensions.


The fire damper poppet valve with bayonet fixing and the especially developed mounting frame permits easy and rapid cleaning and maintenance. To control the flow rate, the shut-off disc may be rotated manually. The function by means of a safety fuse and non-return device is retained. The fire damper poppet valve complies with resistance class K90.

Volumetric flow range

20 - 200 m³/h

Approval no.