Ceiling Displacement Diffuser DAV

Fields of application

For use where low-induction supply air is to be introduced from the ceiling, for example salesrooms, production halls, kitchens, etc.
Can be used for cooling and heating up to a Δt = 6 K. Mounting height ranging from 2.6 to 5 m, flush with the ceiling or freely suspended.


The ceiling displacement diffuser model DAV produces a bell-shaped displacement flow aimed at forming fresh air zones in rooms contaminated with pollutants or odours. Its local fresh air zones allows the supply air volume to be reduced, compared with mixed air systems. Its low-induction flow reduces the amount of cleaning required as the ceilings become less soiled. This is a result of the mixed flow produced in the proximity of the diffuser, preventing the particles present in the room air from accumulating at the diffuser or at the ceiling around the diffuser. The easy-to-clean face plate also supports this effect.

Volumetric flow range

100 - 3000 m³/h