Větrací mřížky

Filter grilles, ventilation grilles, sight-proof transfer grilles, long throw nozzle grilles, weather protection grilles In room ventilation systems, well-known ventilation grilles from SCHAKO are used as air diffusers for supply air and return air. Blades and nozzles are used for the directed flow of supply air into the room. To adjust the air throw direction to the local situation, ventilation grilles with adjustable blades or nozzles are available. This gives good room ventilation as a result of mixed ventilation. Individual grilles, grille bands, multiple grilles, and long throw nozzle grilles achieve different throw distances. SCHAKO sight-proof transfer grilles are overflow grilles for walls and doors and are used between two adjacent rooms for pressure compensation. For covering the air intake and outlet apertures of ventilation and air-conditioning installations on the outside of the building, weather protection grilles from SCHAKO are used. The fixed, rain-repellent louvres prevent the ingress of rain or snow into the ducting system. They also effectively prevent leaves and birds from entering the external air and exhaust air openings. In combination with multi-leaf dampers or excess pressure dampers, additional functionalities are produced.

Filter grilles

Ventilation grilles

Vision-proof transfer grille

Long throw nozzle grilles

Weather protection grilles