REVEN – Your experts for air purification systems in canteens and industry – a company of the SCHAKO Group

The experts for the collection and separation of air pollutants in commercial kitchens and industry create a clean indoor air and a healthy working environment!

The compact systems, smoke filters, duct systems, collection systems, ventilation ceilings based on the X-CYCLONE technology. The X-CYCLONE technology is a development by REVEN for the separation of airborne substances, such as aerosols, liquid mist, spray mist, steam and fine dust, which are released in production processes in the food and processing industries. The new air cleaners are characterized by a new arrow geometry and a 20% improved separation efficiency.

Typical applications are:

  • Food processing
  • Production and machining processes in mechanical engineering sector
  • Commercial kitchens in hotels and canteens
  • Production processes in the oil and gas industry
  • Lacquer application and coating processes
  • Finishing processes in the textile industry


Compact Systems

Smoke Filters

Duct-mounting Systems

Capture Systems

Ceiling Extractors