Mechanical Mixing Box MBM

Fields of application

For mixing hot and cold air in two-channel air-conditioning installations.


The Mixing Box Model MBM consists of a casing with two circular connections and an integrated sound absorber for reducing noise generated by flow. There are adjusting flaps in the circular pipe ends which are responsible for regulating the air temperature. The unit mixes cold and hot air in such a way that the difference between the highest and the lowest temperature at the outlet of the device is less than 10%. The actuator for the cold and hot air dampers, which are mounted offset to one another by 90° and are connected via a lever system, forms a control circuit together with the room temperature control and is managed by the room temperature control. If the requirement for cooling increases, the cold air flap is opened via the adjusting signal of the room temperature controller and the warm air flap is closed accordingly. If the adjusting signal falls back again, then both flaps are respectively adjusted in opposite directions.

Volumetric flow range

85 - 7173 m³/h