Displacement diffuser PUSH

Domenii de utilizare:

Supply air installations with displacement ventilation in industrial workshops exhibiting localised high heating loads or polluted room air.


The PUSH is mounted at a height of 3-4 m and is therefore located above the occupied area. The whole surface of the workshop can therefore be used for production. When cooling up to a Δt0 = -10 K, the supply air spreads out diagonally towards the top, and then sinks slowly into the occupied area, where it pushes the room air to the air outlet apertures. In the case of heating up to a Δt0 = +25 K, a partial air flow can be deflected vertically by opening the baffle plate, so that penetration depths of up to 5 m can be achieved. The adjustment of the air outlet direction can be effected with a Bowden cable or thermocouple.

Gama de debit

600 - 13000 m³/h