Difuzoare de aer

Floor diffusers, ceiling diffusers, ceiling swirl diffusers, ceiling impulse diffusers, nozzle diffusers, displacement diffusers, slot diffusers, step diffusers, disc valves, long throw nozzles Air diffusers from SCHAKO, as the finishing component of a supply air installation, provide the facilities with conditioned air. In doing so, the objective is to introduce the supply air into the room individually regulated and with precise dosage. Ideally air diffusers are almost invisible in the room, because they are almost silent, free of draughts and nearly invisible or at least not architecturally disruptive. There are different fields of application for air diffusers: mixed ventilation and displacement ventilation. In addition, a distinction is made according to the placement of the air supply, for example floor, wall or ceiling. For each of these different fields of application, SCHAKO has suitable air diffusers, such as ceiling diffusers, ceiling swirl diffusers, floor diffusers, displacement diffusers or long range nozzles, in many different versions in its portfolio. The innovative SCHAKO products are developed and optimised in the company's own flow laboratories in Germany and Spain. Tests performed in our flow laboratory give customers absolute assurance that the products from SCHAKO meet all the requirements requested by the customer.

Difuzoare de aer cu duze

Difuzoare de aer cu fante

Difuzoare de aer cu impuls

Difuzoare de aer cu jet turbionar

Difuzoare de aer pentru montaj în contra-treaptă

Difuzoare de aer pentru pardoseală

Difuzoare de aer pentru plafon