Slot diffuser for plasterboard ceilings DSCXL

Fields of application

The SCHAKO slot diffuser for plasterboard ceilings type DSCXL ist suitable for room heights from 2.6 m to 4 m for direct installation in plasterboard ceilings or suspended ceilings (pressure ceilings). The slot diffuser is supplied with 1 slot and is available as single diffuser or in band design.


The large cross section in the SCHAKO DSCXL diffuser allows a high air volume compared to other slot diffusers. Thanks to the stable air jet and high induction, it can be used with temperature differences up to 12K in cooling mode. The pre-pressure generated by the blades ensures that the supply air is distributed equally across the whole length of the diffuser, whether as single diffuser or in band design.
A subsequent change of the air jet outflow direction on site is always possible, since the air deflection blades can be easily adjusted from outside, as usual at SCHAKO.
If an air throw pattern is specified when ordering, it will be preset in factory. The diffuser can be used for supply and return air.

Volumetric flow range

200 - 400 m³/h per metre slot, suitable for VAV systems from 100 - 40%
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