This is how you find the corresponding SCHAKO product from our extensive product portfolio by selecting the Building Type, Room Type and Product Category. Now filter your individual product solution in the HVAC sector.

Step 1:

Click your Building Type in the SCHAKO Town.
Alternatively: Select it via the dropdown menu
e.g. Airport, Trade Fair…

Step 2:

Now limit the Room Type via the selection
e.g. kitchen, meeting room…

Step 3:

Finally define the Product Category
e.g. ceiling diffusers, duct mounting parts…

Step 4:

Confirm your selection by pressing the “APPLY FILTER” button.
Of course, you can always cancel it by pressing “RESET FILTER“.
Now you can make a new selection.

Note: Use the green double arrows at the left and right screen margins to navigate conveniently and quickly in the SCHAKO Town.

Reset filter
No product has been found for this filter.