Wall Induction Diffuser DISA-W

Fields of application

The DISA-W uses the energetic characteristics of water for load removal and is particularly suitable for installation in on-site formed plaster board bulkheads, entrance hallways, hallway partition walls in public rooms, such as offices, hotels, hospitals, etc. The wall induction diffuser DISA-W can be used as 2-conductor system for cooling or heating and as 4-conductor system for heating and cooling.


The hygienically required primary supply air is supplied to the mixing chamber in the primary distribution housing via induction nozzles, thus generating an induction. In the mixing chamber, the room air is induced via a vertically mounted heat exchanger and mixed in the mixing chamber with the primary air. The combined primary and secondary air flows are supplied to the room at low velocity via the air diffusers.

Volumetric flow range

10 – 257 m³/h
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