Slot diffuser for plasterboard ceilings DSCL

Domenii de utilizare:

The slot diffuser SCHAKO Typ DSCL is suitable for use in rooms with a height from 2.6 m to 4 m for direct installation in plasterboard ceilings or ceiling cavities (pressure ceilings). The slot diffuser is a 1-slot model and is available either as a single piece or in band design.


The large free cross-section of the SCHAKO DSCL allows a very high volumetric flow compared with other slot diffusers. Thanks to stable air jet and the high induction, the diffuser can be used in cooling mode up to temperature difference ΔT ≤ 12 K. The initial pressure created by the blades ensures that the slot diffuser is uniformly pressurised with air along its entire length, irrespective of whether it is a single diffuser or a band design.
A subsequent change of the air jet direction on-site is possible at any time since the deflection blades can be easily adjusted from the outside as is usual for SCHAKO products.
If a specific blade position is specified in the order, this position is adjusted at the factory. The diffuser can be used for supply and return air.

Gama de debit

150 - 300 m³/h per metre slot, use in VVS installations from 100 – 40 %