Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator NRWG

Domenii de utilizare:

A NRWG – a natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator – is an important part of a smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system (RWA). In case of fire, it is used to remove hot gases from a building in order to protect people, material property and the environment. In case of fire, smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems are supposed to ensure a smoke-free layer near the floor by removing a sufficient amount of the smoke gas from the smoke section.


The use of smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems for creating smoke-free areas under a stable smoke layer is a recognised smoke removal practice. It keeps rescue routes free from smoke, thus assisting the evacuation of people. At the same time, this method can reduce the damage and fi-nancial losses caused by the fire.

Moreover, this smoke re-moval method facilitates the fire department’s work:

  • by improving visibility
  • by removing the heat from the roof area
  • and by delaying horizontal fire propagation.

This is why a smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system (RWA) constitutes an important safety device that serves for preventive fire protection and must therefore be subjected to regular tests and maintenance.

The SCHAKO NRWG multi-leaf dampers JK-180MB and JK-190 are suitable as natural smoke and exhaust ventilator for installation in the façade area (wall) and roof area(ceiling) and most reliable for many years.