Floor slot diffuser FBS

Domenii de utilizare:

Supply and return air ducts in double floors (FBS-AU only) and for installation pressure floors in floating screed (FBS-SS only).


-Displacement diffuser at 15-55 m³/h/m
-Inductive diffuser from 60 m³/h/m
-at high air volumes suitable as air curtain
-FBS-AU- with integrated cross-talk sound attenuator box
High vertical throw at high ΔT. Large surface area spread of the supply air jet in combination with high-speed reduction of the temperature and the air velocities. A subsequent adjustment of the air jet pattern to changed room conditions is possible.

Gama de debit

15 – 200 m³/h per metre of slot, for use in VAV installations from 100 - 7.5 %.