Atenuatoare de zgomot

Membrane absorbers, mineral wool silencers, duct silencers, telephony silencers Sound insulation designates the ability of impeding the propagation of airborne and structure-borne sound by reflecting the propagating sound from individual points of discontinuity. For constructional reasons, the formation of noise cannot always be prevented, making sound protection a central comfort criterion in the operation of room ventilation systems. Membrane absorbers, mineral wool silencers, duct silencers, silencing baffles and telephony silencers from SCHAKO reduce sound and the propagation of sound in ventilation systems, thus providing low-noise room ventilation systems. The use of products of the AUDIX series allows the development of noise or noise transmission from one room to another to be counteracted.

Atenuator de zgomot

Atenuator de zgomot din vată minerală

Atenuator de zgomot pentru tubulatura circulară

Membrane absorbers