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Up-to-date Covid-19 information for you.

What you need to know…

Based on the assumption that Covid-19 and the necessary measures in place will most likely continue to occupy us beyond the year 2020, we would like to use this page, especially for Covid-19 topics, to meet your demand for information. We will therefore continue to inform you about our current measures on this page. Just check this website regularly.

Questions about the transmission of coronaviruses?

Transmission of coronaviruses through HVAC systems?

+++ COVID-19 UPDATE +++

Dear customers,
dear business partners,

As of 4 May 2020, we have increased our working hours to full capacity again, in order to meet your requirements for delivery times and the processing of enquiries. Our production plant in Spain is also fully operational again.

We apologise for any delays in processing orders and offers that may have occurred.

Kind regards and stay healthy


p.p. Dr. Rainer Müller
Member of the Company Management

+++ Availability +++

Availability of service, field and office staff

Our field and office staff keeps working for you. You can reach your usual contact persons by phone or e-mail. Modern video conferencing facilities are also available and allow for technicians or product managers to be involved in the consulting meetings.

The employees of our service department also take care of urgent on-site appointments after consultation with the respective installers. If you need to make an appointment, please contact the regional manager / sales department responsible for you.

+++ We are ready for you +++

Dear customers,
dear business partners

The health of our employees and business partners is our top priority. At the same time, we are committed to maintain business operations. We have already implemented a comprehensive package of measures and will continue to take further necessary measures in the future, in order to protect the health of our employees while maintaining our ability to deliver.

We therefore apologise for slightly longer response or reaction times. Thanks to our high vertical range of manufacture and the existing stocks of raw materials and semi-finished parts, the production of the complete product portfolio is currently secured.

We are in regular contact with our suppliers in order to discuss the almost daily changing conditions regarding the ability to deliver. However, despite all the measures introduced, there is always the risk that our supply chains may be affected in the future. To ensure your own supply, we recommend to keep a stock of your SCHAKO standard products.

You can find our daily updated delivery times here...

Should you experience difficulties regarding the reception of material, please inform us in advance to clarify the further procedure, as our storage facilities in the shipping area are limited.

  • Stay calm.

  • Use the freely accessible platforms to inform yourself. FAQs Robert Koch-Institut.

  • Protect yourself and your surroundings from infection by always keeping the recommended distance.

Staying safe through the pandemic.

Current information about the coronavirus can be found i.a. on the following websites