Swirl diffuser DQJF

Fields of application

Supply air and return air installations for freely suspended use in industrial shops and amenity rooms with high air-change rates. They can be used for heating and cooling up to a Δt = -14 K. Mounting height from 2.6 – 4 m.


The high induction of the swirl jet produced by the louvre layout reduces the end velocity of jet and the temperature difference very quickly. This allows the air to be blown into the room free from draughts even under extreme conditions (very high air change and high Δt). The air jet direction can also be adjusted later, either manually or motor-driven, from horizontal to vertical. The free cross-section is the same in all louvre positions, so that pressure loss and volume level do not change when the throw pattern is adjusted.

Volumetric flow range

120 – 2,000 m³/h, use in VAV installations from 100 - 40%.