Smoke Detection System RMS

Fields of application

For detection of smoke in ventilation ducts.
For activating and triggering fire dampers (abZ) or smoke dampers (abZ) and for activating a supply air or recirculating air fan.
For installation flush with the duct in ventilation lines.


The SCHAKO smoke detection system RMS consists of the smoke detector RMSII-L and the relay module RM V4.00 and is used in places where, at the earliest possible stage of a fire, i.e. upon occurrence of cold smoke of <72°, triggering and switching operations are to be controlled automatically.
It is installed in ventilation ducts. The alarm message is transmitted via a potential-free contact and interrupts the electric circuit to the electric release devices (magnets, actuators) or to pneumatic valves. The connected fire and smoke dampers are closed. Only trigger devices working by the “zero-current closed/ depressurised closed” working principle must be connected to the RMS system. The smoke detectors and the connected release and switch devices are supplied together with power from a mains rectifier 230 AC and secondary 24 V DC within a protection range. The smoke detectors stay in alarm after triggering, even when the normal ambient conditions have been restored.
The smoke detectors will not return to its monitoring status until they are reset.
The measurement is taken outside the smoke detector housing, thus not requiring a detection chamber.