Round duct system RR-Complete

Fields of application

For visible mounting of the ventilation and air-conditioning system in laboratories, trade fair, reception, sports and multi-purpose halls, shopping malls, offices, schools, kindergartens, and even living spaces, etc. Suitable for supply and return air. In this visible installation of the ventilation ducts, a logical option is to integrate the volumetric flow controllers, duct silencers and air diffusers into the ducts.


The technical aspects of the round duct system impress with their wide range of components. Volumetric flow controllers, measuring cross/damper combinations and not least supply air and return air diffusers – vertical or horizontal mounting possible – can be combined to give a complete ventilation system. All components can be manufactured to the same diameters and to a uniform duct design.

Volumetric flow range

110 – 3500 m³/h