Exchange of Existing Components RETROFIT

Fields of application

Retrofit is a range of exchange components from SCHAKO for existing control components of a ventilation system controller type VRA-E with controller make BELIMO which have to be replaced or modernised and/or are no longer available from the component manufacturer. As part of the program, the sensor, volumetric flow controller or actuators have to be exchanged, but the volumetric flow controller housing with measurement cross and damper flap should be retained and continue to be used.


The end customers and users increasingly want to modernise existing systems without replacing the complete volumetric flow boxes. The part to be replaced could be, for example, a controller of type VR1 or VR2 with air velocity sensor or actuator type KM 24-V that are no longer available. RETROFIT projects are completed in close cooperation between SCHAKO, BELIMO and the CUSTOMER.
With RETROFIT, a clear distinction is made between the exchange of control components and new systems, it also being possible to exchange components of brands other than SCHAKO.
Thus, it is possible to select whether the existing measurement cross from SCHAKO is retained and continues to be used or whether it simply remains mounted in the duct network but is no longer used. In the second case, the measuring sensor type ZDMS is used, which is tuned to the dimensions of the relevant box. Since the exchange is easy to carry out, we recommend this procedure. This considerably reduces the commissioning time. The exchange can be carried out by SCHAKO service personnel (recommended) or on-site.