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iPad App

State-of-the-art solutions and state-of-the-art communication channels

The first SCHAKO application for iPads is now available!

All owners of iPads can go to town.schako.de


SCHAKO Town functions

Would you like to draw inspiration from the solutions SCHAKO offers for different types of buildings? Then simply take a journey through SCHAKO Town and its various buildings. There you can choose from a wide range of buildings and immediately receive suggestions for rooms within the particular building. The optimal atmospheric environment for every building – in every room. Once you have arrived in the individual rooms, you have the choice between different product categories, from ceiling outlets through duct mounting parts to air/water systems and much more. Then things become even more specific and you can explore the product of your choice in detail. Here you have the option of getting to know the individual products in more detail through short descriptions, specification texts, CAD images, references and a videos on air flow management.

Are you already familiar with individual SCHAKO solutions? Then simply start the SCHAKO App with product categories. Enjoy our system solutions via the intuitive user interface of the App.


Installation of the iPad App

Open the Safari Browser and enter town.schako.de as URL. Then select “Go to home screen” and give the name SCHAKO as your personal SCHAKO application button. And finished!
The SCHAKO Application is a WebApp* and is not available via the AppStore or iTunes from Apple.
Enjoy and welcome to SCHAKO Town!

* An Internet connection is necessary to use the iPad App.