Sound-damped volumetric flow controller VAS

Fields of application

For use in supply and return air systems, for duct connection to DIN EN 1505, with integrated volumetric flow controller for use in constant or variable volumetric flow, room or duct pressure regulation.


The sound-damped volumetric flow controller VAS in rectangular design is suitable for use in supply and return air systems for constant and variable volumetric flow regulation at high acoustic requirements. The VAS achieves high control accuracy at any inflow conditions due to the optimum aerodynamic structure. As a result of the low pressure losses, the running operating costs of the ventilation system are also reduced.
The VAS can already be used at a static pressure difference of as little as 50 Pa, i.e., the duct network and the fan can be designed for small air velocities. This makes the VAS suitable for use in low-pressure systems. The radiated noise can be reduced further by designing the VAS with an acoustic cladding at an extra charge.
The sound-damped volumetric flow controller type VAS with rectangular connection can be connected to rectangular ducts without special connection elements to DIN EN 1505 or to spiral ducts to DIN EN 1506 via a transition piece.

Volumetric flow range

144 m³/h - 6912 m³/h