Smart control system for fire dampers BKSYS

Fields of application

The fire damper BKSYS mini-controller by SCHAKO controls and monitors up to 16 motorised fire dampers or up to 32 fire dampers with a limit switch.
The basic module BKSYS-GM1 can be easily expanded using a safe plug-and-play connection with up to three expansion modules BKSYS-EM1. The power supply and data transfer of the expansion modules is performed via the basic module.
Potential-free inputs can be used to apply external contacts such as smoke detector, ventilation system or central fire alarm system. Potential-free outputs can be used to transmit fault messages such as Fire damper closed or Smoke detector triggering.
The connected spring return actuators of the fire dampers are supplied with power via the basic and expansion modules. Opening of the connected spring return actuators optimised to the start-up current and with a time delay reduces the required peak load.
The Duo-LEDs on the basic and expansion modules are used for position indication of the fire dampers.
The function parameters of the BKSYS system are assigned using the PC program in plain text. The PC program is included in the scope of delivery of the converter BKSYS-USB and runs on PCs with a current version of the MS operating system.


The BKSYS by SCHAKO is the new benchmark for highly functional and at the same time very compact fire protection systems for up to 32 fire dampers, because the new system is absolutely safe, very easy to dismount and operate and even easier to expand. Even if you need to control just a few fire dampers, the new BKSYS offers you safe and good functionality at an affordable price right from the beginning.

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