Lint Separator FLARE

Fields of application

To remove textile fibre from the return air of clean rooms, in particular operating theatres and their adjoining rooms, lint separators are used.


The separation takes place directly at the extraction point. As a component of the ventilation installation, it is installed in the return air flush with the operating theatre wall or in overflow openings. This protects the air-conditioning ducts and the downstream filters by removing fibre particles from the operating theatre area and allows an economic and smooth operation of the ventilation and air conditioning installation.
The lint separator type FLA is suitable for separating lint and other dust from items of clothing in the operating theatre area.
The lint separator can be cleaned with sterile cloths commonly used in the operating theatre, but also in suitable operating theatre cleaning machines. Cleaning should be done once a week or when soiled.

Volumetric flow range

65 - 1400 m³/h