Induction diffusers DISA-H

Fields of application

Owing to its construction, this induction diffuser is particularly suitable for installation in hotels and offices in the suspended entry hall or for installation in the suspended ceiling panelling. It combines the technical flow characteristics of air diffusers with the energetic advantages of load discharge via water-operated heat exchangers, thus making it possible to remove very high thermal loads from the room in combination with minimum hygienically required air exchange. The compact and robust construction of the induction diffusers DISA-H makes for easy maintenance and mounting.


The processed primary air supplied by the plenum box induces secondary air in the room, which is cooled or heated via the heat exchanger.
The mixed primary air and secondary air. The mixture of primary and secondary air is supplied to the room at low velocity via optional supply air grilles.

Volumetric flow range

30 – 340 m³/h
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