In multi-blade design particularly compact and safe


Kolbingen, 11. März 2019 – Since February 2019, SCHAKO have delivered their new multi-blade damper SCHAKO ERKMB to customers. The new smoke damper by SCHAKO has major advantages.


The new multi-blade smoke dampers SCHAKO ERKMB have been tested for use in smoke extraction systems. SCHAKO smoke dampers are applied for discharging smoke and providing supply air within the smoke extraction system.


Thanks to the low installation depth of only 250 mm, the new SCHAKO ERKMB is particularly suited for use in solid walls and plasterboard walls. The multi-blade smoke damper SCHAKO ERKMB is equally approved for exterior walls. In smoke extraction systems, the new SCHAKO ERKMB may be used, too.


The installation position of the SCHAKO ERKMB does not depend on the air flow direction of the position of the damper axes. In addition to various heights and widths, the damper is available as variant ERKMB-S with lateral operation or ERKMB-V with front operation.


Activation can be performed automatically (AA) or manually (MA). A reversible OPEN/CLOSED actuator with 24 VAC/VDC or 230 VAC supply voltage is part of the damper. As an option, an actuator with Powerline SLC bus technology is also suppliable. The drives are located in a thermally insulated housing. In this way, opening or closing of the smoke damper in case of fire is ensured reliably.


The new multi-blade smoke damper SCHAKO ERKMB can be ordered since February 2019.



Classification according to EN 13501-4;

depending on the installation situation: EI 90 (vedw, hod i↔o) S 1000 C10000 MA multi



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The new multi-blade smoke damper SCHAKO ERKMB can be ordered since February 2019.


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