Ceiling air diffuser with thermocouple


Kolbingen, 11. März 2019 – Those wo do not want to worry about the control of cooling mode and heating mode for the perfect air conditioning of large rooms or halls should turn to the new ceiling air diffuser SCHAKO IDA-TE.


The new ceiling air diffuser SCHAKO IDA-TE for the cooling and heating of large rooms or halls is a stroke of luck for all architects and planners who must or want to do without a connection to the BMS in the construction project. For the new SCHAKO IDA-TE with integrated control by a so-called thermocouple can do both fully automatically.


In cooling mode, the supply air jet must stream out horizontally. In heating mode, a large penetration depth is expected for fast heating. SCHAKO IDA-TE meets both requirements in an ideal and completely independent way. Switching from heating to cooling mode is achieved automatically due to the supply air temperature without using electrical energy. Thus architects and planners save considerable costs by eliminating electric actuators and wiring. External control or regulation is no longer required.


The ceiling air diffuser SCHAKO IDA-TE – TE stands for thermocouple – consists of an adjustable air guide funnel and a front plate. The adjustable air guide funnel is moved or shifted by a thermocouple to the extent that the complete supply air jet streams out vertically in heating mode (supply air temperature above 26 degrees) or horizontally in cooling mode (supply air temperature below 26 degrees). The thermocouple lifts and lowers the air baffle according to the inflow temperature.


The new SCHAKO IDA-TE is available in two versions -Q and -R in nominal widths from 400 to 800 mm with or without plenum box, damper and rubber lip seal and optional insulation.



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The proven design makes it so popular for large rooms or halls – the ceiling air diffuser SCHAKO IDA; now also available as model SCHAKO IDA-TE with thermocouple for automatic detection of cooling or heating requirements.