Ceiling slot diffuser for the integration in plasterboard ceilings


Kolbingen, 11. März 2019 – The new SCHAKO DSCP has the potential to become the favourite of architects and planners. For it is markedly inconspicuous in terms of design and a real allrounder in terms of function. And also during installation it shows its strengths.


The curved ceiling slot diffuser SCHAKO DSCP (CURV-PLASTER) is suitable for use in rooms from 2.6 m to 4 m high for direct installation in plasterboard ceilings or ceiling cavities (pressure ceilings). The special shape of the frame profile allows for good installation of the SCHAKO DSCP in the plasterboard ceiling. The frame profiles of the SCHAKO DSCP are fitted with bores in order to connect them to the plasterboard ceiling using screws prior to filling.


The adjustable air deflection blades of the SCHAKO DSCP facilitate a variety of throw adjustment options. Manual adjustment from cooling to heating mode is possible. In heating mode, the blades should be adjusted in such a way that a vertical air stream with high penetration depth is created. In cooling mode, a one- or two-way air throw pattern with horizontal throw pattern can equally be set. A good Coanda effect and very good induction allow for the use of the SCHAKO DSCP in cooling mode up to ΔT ≤ -8 K. The air velocity and temperature difference of the air stream supplied are effectively reduced.


The curved slot diffuser SCHAKO DSCP can be used as a 1-slot or 2-slot model either as a single piece or in band design. It is available in curved lengths up to 1500 mm and a minimum radius of 2000 mm. As accessories for the SCHAKO DSCP there are plenum box, damper, rubber lip seal and insulation.



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Integration of the SCHAKO DSCP in plasterboard ceilings can be performed quickly, easily and inconspicuously. The air supply is markedly inconspicuous in terms of interior design and flow. The resistance created by the blades ensures that the supply air is distributed equally across the whole length of the slot diffuser.




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