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Kolbingen, 11. März 2019 – Maximum comfort in air conditioning is now realised with the new DISA601 by SCHAKO. It combines the ideal adjustment of air volume and performance with maximally simplified maintenance functions and effective secondary air filter – very important in hospitals or hygienically critical rooms, for example.


The induction nozzles adjustable without tools in the DISA601 are especially suited to adapt the air volume and diffusion as well as induction or cooling capacity subsequently to the requirements on site. Using the control slide, the free nozzle surface and thus the air volume can be adjusted continuously for each side from zero to maximum. This opens up convenient freedom for alterations even in the future.


SCHAKO has maximally optimised the DISA601 for tool-free maintenance. The modified design allows for a particularly fast, simple and safe handling and operation in the greatest part of service and maintenance cases. For maintenance, for instance, the DISA601 secondary air grille can be swung down without tools, of course. Then it is possible to remove the installed filter – without tools, too – either for cleaning or replacement. The secondary air filter to ISO coarse 30% affords effective protection against contamination of the heat exchanger with particles and lint. Of course the filter can equally be removed without tools and re-inserted immediately after cleaning.


By slightly pressing down the finger, the register element anchored on one side can then be unlocked and swung down safely. Now you have direct access to all central components of the SCHAKO DISA601 ceiling induction outlet. Service work is therefore as easy as pie.



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New in the SCHAKO portfolio: the SCHAKO DISA601 ceiling induction outlet with grille, filter and register all to be swung down without tools for simplest maintenance.