SCHAKO BKAEN fire damper usable even more widely


Kolbingen, 11. März 2019 – With two additional installation situations and new drives, SCHAKO has expanded the portfolio of certified installation situations for the BKAEN fire damper.


Modern, complex buildings continuously require advanced and new solutions. People’s basic need for safety plays an increasingly important role in this context. The EU Construction Products Regulation defines seven basic requirements for buildings. Due to their significance for a safe use of buildings, fire protection and, mentioned additionally, smoke extraction take the second place. SCHAKO fire dampers meet this basic requirement at any time. When installed in ventilation lines of room ventilation systems, the SCHAKO fire dampers independently and automatically shut off individual fire areas in the event of emergency; for people’s safety and the preservation of buildings.


By using the GDA installation kit it is possible to install the BKAEN in solid walls in the area of flexible ceiling connections. Ceiling deformations are absorbed without impairing the function. The simple handling allows for fast installation. The new installation frame ER-A1 replaces the previous installation frame of the BKAEN. Due to reduced dimensions, installation is even possible in confined spaces. Furthermore, sealing measures are dropped and the installation time is shortened. By a mineral wool lining in the direct flange-to-flange area of two BKAEN at a reduced distance of 70 mm, the installation in solid walls is possible. The portfolio of possible fire damper drives has been extended by the Siemens GRA126(326).1E/T12 drives. Thus, for certain sizes of BKAEN and all sizes of BKPEN and BSKRPR, now the drives reduced to 4 Nm of torque are available.


Energy efficiency, energy saving, environmental relief are demands of future-oriented construction. MEZ-TECHNIK based at Reutlingen offers the subsequent sealing of already installed air guide systems. The SCHAKO fire dampers BKAEN, BKPEN and BSKRPR integrated in these systems can directly be supplied with the MEZ AEROSEAL used, without impairing the functionality.



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New in the SCHAKO portfolio: the BKAEN fire damper with Siemens drive (4Nm) and the GDA installation kit for solid walls with flexible ceiling connection.


New installation situations and new drives (1 MB)