Signalling and switching bus system EasyBus

Fields of application

For activating and monitoring
– mechanical and motor-driven fire dampers and multi-leaf dampers
– air diffusers
– drives with continuous control, for example VAVs
– smoke detectors,
– etc.


The signalling and switching bus system Easy-Bus from SCHAKO can be used for activating and monitoring electrical and mechanical fire dampers 24 V DC (standard) or 230 V AC (optional), smoke extraction dampers, smoke detectors and volumetric flow controllers with 0-10 V activation or air dampers with 2/3-point drives.
The modules are supplied with power by the 230 V AC mains supply. The modulation of the Easy Master is separated from the house mains by a line filter. The line filter separates the EasyBus system from the low-voltage network of the energy provider and vice versa (signal attenuation in both directions). The data is modulated directly to the 230 V AC supply by the Easy Master device.
The maximum line length per Easy Master is limited to 1,000 metres. A total of up to 128 EasyBus modules can be connected per master unit. A total of up to 2 master devices per PLC can communicate with one another, thus allowing up to 256 EasyBus users to be operated per PLC (programmable logic controller). This allows assembly of a network consisting of several controllers that can communicate with one another.

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