Room air conditioning module CULTRA-Studioline

Fields of application

The room air-conditioning module CULTRA-Studioline is a recirculating air cooling device for offices, medical practices and can even meet the requirements of sound studios, as it satisfies the requirements of GK 15 in connection with room side sound measures according to DIN 15 996.
The dimensions of the wall module permit installation into walls, ceilings or floors. The room air conditoning module CULTRA Studioline can be positioned either in front of the wall or integrated in the wall, thus preventing costly waste of office space.


Room air is drawn in through the air intake grille and cleaned by the built-in filter. The integrated air deflection sound absorber reduces the flow-generated noise. The air is then taken through the cooling or heating register and is temperature-controlled. Another air deflection sound absorber is connected downstream for noise reduction. The temperature-controlled air is then blown out into the room again through the air intake grille. The room air-conditioning module can be used and operated in circulating and/or fresh air.