Fan coil unit NBS

Fields of application

The compact dimensions and low mounting height of the fan coil unit type NBS 100/150 makes it a perfect solution for horizontal mounting in false ceilings. They are particularly suitable for small decentralised installations, in which higher cooling capacities and generation of pressure are required than those that can be achieved with a standard fan coil unit. Moreover, the fan coil unit NBS has a higher capacity than a customary fan coil unit.


Fan coil units constitute a component of air-conditioning installations producing air-conditioned air using hot or cold water which is fed into a room in a building. They can perform various functions, depending on the season of the year, the characteristic values of the air flowing through the air-conditioner, and the components installed.
Each air-conditioning unit can be considered an independent system, fitted with a heat exchanger, filter, fan, condensation water pan and, optionally, a controller. In addition to the advantages of autonomy, the air-conditioning devices also prevent air from circulating between individual rooms. This feature is particularly important for fitting hotels and for other applications where mutual contamination can present a problem.
They can designed with closed air circulation or with a mixture of fresh air and circulated air or ambient air.