CPL ceiling air diffuser supply air and return air

Fields of application

Supply and return air systems in comfort rooms such as offices for cooling for use up to a Δt= – 10 K. Installation height from 2.6 to 4 m.


A special intake funnel behind an on-site perforated faceplate generates a horizontal air flow under the ceiling in cooling mode and isothermal ventilation mode. It achieves high induction and results in effective reduction of the velocity and temperature difference of the supply air jet. The intake flow of the supply air diffuser and discharge flow of the return air diffuser and the connection to the duct system are effected by means of direct hose/pipe connections or via a plenum box.

Volumetric flow range

90 – 170 m³/h at an Lwa of 35dB(A), for use in VAV systems from 100-40%.